Terms And Conditions

All purchases made from SWAG and its relevant partners must comply with the following conditions. Therefore, it is expected that if you place an order on this website, then you acknowledge and will follow these conditions. Please ensure you have thoroughly read them and agree to comply before purchasing. Conditions are subject to changes and it is up to you to keep updated with the updated version of the Terms of Conditions.

Products within this website are supplied solely for the purpose of food preparation. Under Australian Law, Nitrous Oxide N20 is prohibited from usage under any other circumstance. If you choose to purchase from this website, you are agreeing to comply with relevant regulations within your locality. SWAG will not be liable for the misuse of its products as all products provided within this website must be purchased or utilised for lawful purposes.

Products within this website contain Nitrous Oxide N20 under great pressure. Attempts made to pierce the sealings of these chargers using incorrect equipment may lead to combustion injuries from critical freeze burns.

Do not expose Nitrous Oxide N20 products to direct sunlight or heat. Handling temperature is not to exceed 50 degrees celsius. Unused products must not be disposed of.

Purchasing products within this website or any relevant association means that you comply with the following;
– He/she is of 18 years or older.
– All product(s) will be used according to the manufacturer’s labelling.
– All product(s) will be used according to Australian and/or any. International, Federal, State, or Local rules and regulations.
– All product(s) are not to be handled by any individuals under 18 years of age.
– All product(s) are not to be used under any form of inhalation
– Prohibited to share incorrect or misleading information regarding any product(s) within this website.

Visits made on the SWAG website or any electronic communications means you consent to receive communications from our organisation. You must also agree to comply with the disclosure of all our communications.

SWAG holds full ownership over all content within this site which includes but is not limited to images, logos, icons, downloads, software, text. This is protected under Australian and International copyright laws.


Users that post any form of comments, feedback, reviews and relevant content through the SWAG website, emails or any other form of communication must not in any form be illegal, defamatory, violate copyright and privacy rights, abusive or malicious.

Submission of your personal information throughout this website will not be used for any other purposes outside from sales and purchasing.