The Swag Cream Charging System

Refilling your cream dispensers with SWAG cylinder will half down the process time compared to classic cream chargers.

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The New Whipped Cream Cylinder

We provide you a new way for industrial catering, SWAG cream cylinder with 580g of pure Nitrous Oxide E942 food grade used to refill your cream dispensers with less process time.


With the revolutionary whipped cream cylinders, you can enjoy an excellent baking experience with less time wasted compared to the traditional cream charger.

  • High grade stainless steel container
  • 580g of Nitrous Oxide (E942 food grade)
  • Environmental friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Comply to European laws and Regulations
  • Pressure tested at 180 bar

Pressure regulator

Key component of SWAG cream charging system, adjustable under working condition to make sure the chef gets the right amount they need.

  • Regulating working pressure, extracting Nitrous Oxide from the cylinder
  • Attachable to connecting hose
  • Prevent leaking and wasting problems
  • Connecting Hose

    Used to connect and deliver Nitrous Oxide from Cylinders to cream dispensers.

  • Firmly gripped
  • Safe and sustainable
  • Adapter

    Adapter can be used to fit in matched dispensers to the SWAG cream charging system, compatible with the charger process.

  • Compact and pull-back design
  • Match with any dispensers