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Solid Coriander and Lime Sponge

  • admin
  • 2021/01/20
  • Drinks

Perfect for the colder months, a cup of this wintery chocolate Baileys cocktail wraps itself around your taste buds like a snug blanket, warming you from within. A shot of a dark Zacapa 23 rum forms the base of this cocktail, providing a sweet and nutty flavour with hints of honey and chocolate. Meanwhile, a soft and delicate vanilla and almond milk foam brings every component of this chocolate Baileys cocktail into perfect harmony.


    • 40 ml Zacapa 23 rum 
    • 10 ml vanilla sugar syrup 
    • 90 ml espresso 
    • 20 ml Baileys Chocolat Luxe
    • 100 ml almond milk 
    • 3 g vanilla seeds 
    • 10 g pro espuma hot by Sosa 
    • 5 g dark chocolate to garnish