About SWAG

SWAG is located in Amsterdam, established in 2020, with the revolutionary cream charger design specializing in hospitality and food service industry.

From the past years, the industrial kitchen business has a growing demand for its working environment and tools. As a young and growing company, we notice this demand and would like to provide a solution to this demand, since our goal is to actually benefit the society and industry by cutting edge technologies, which brought us the new SWAG whipped cream system.

We are pleased to provide our customers with high-end quality products with lowest cost, also with efficient, excellent baking and cooking experience. SWAG is designed to be user-friendly, time-saving and cost efficient, to ensure every customer is getting the best experience.

We polished ourselves to provide you with better services, better solutions and better products. We believe that there is always a better way, and we are constantly working on it, improving it, to deliver the best result we can, and bring a new generation into the cream charger industry.