Smooth Experience with SWAG Cream

The revolutionary design on whipped cream chargers, containing more Nitrous Oxide to reduce refill time.

With SWAG, there’s no need for classic cream chargers and whisk, welcome to the new era of whipped cream !


SWAG emphasizes the importance of quality, safety, efficiency and durability. We help you save time in the home and restaurant kitchen, and deliver the best hospitality service.


Innovative and cost-efficient.


Reduce service delay and refill time.


Multi-purpose usage in serving dishes, desserts, sauce and drinks.

Environmental friendly

Completely 100% recyclable steel.

Happy chef

Eliminates the hassle in the kitchen.

Revolutionise your kitchen

Try out these recipes for a new cooking experience!

Working Kit

The SWAG system is a complete high-end product for your kitchen, consisting of the
following items.

SWAG cylinder

Pure Nitrous Oxide
1942 food grade (4A grade)

Pressurizer (Regulator)

Extract gas from the cylinder

Connecting hose

Filling and delivering gas


To attach with matched cream dispensers

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